Roland Primus

Solutions for sustainable achievements

Hi, I'm Roland Primus

Owning multible companies in the winter sports, IT and the business process field, and with a professional atitude, but without the "branded mind off a university degree" i assure a solution "out off the box" for wat ever need you my have .

Under the focus off success once i start a project you will profit from a clear approche to any challenge you may have!

This is what I do

I provide services for individuals, familys and coorperations.

Primus & Partner

The company for IT business process solution, we belive integrated databased operations are the fundament for a lean business operation!


Snowboarding or Skiing lessons, rental or buying new equipment, since 1986 we serving you winter vacation needs, in multibel locations and shops, to a unmached level and customization.


When it comes to renting a apartment, location is every thing. you want to be as close to the action as posible, we've paid close attention to how the apartments we rent ar positioned!

Consulting and coaching

All projects i am taking on, i do myself, no subcontracting or outsourcing, shortes coworkers relationship is 15 years, standart is more then 20.

My Process

Here is an overview of how I approach each new project.


  • Every process has a rule, find it first
  • Check the regulations and norms applying to that rule
  • Create a optimum picture off the outcome
  • Customers capability to go for the optimum
  • Decision on the form off partnership


  • How is the objekt divided in therms off process volumes
  • What takes the most energy out off the process
  • Who gains the most profit in any process
  • What makes the "optimum" gather more momentum


  • Optimise only the necessary processes
  • Submit each task to the "optimum picture"
  • Optimise the the loss off energy
  • Attention to details and finishing each job

Case Studies

Here are some in depth case studies of larger projects that I've worked on in the past.


Here are some other projects that I've worked on.

  • All
  • Identity
  • Graphic
  • Web
Generic Inc. Brand Identity
Brands Web Development
Excellence Poster Design
YouTV Web Development
Office Supplies Graphic Design
Fooder Mobile App
Mountain Tea Graphic Design
Checkmark Graphic Design
Demish Brand Identity
OneRepublic Web Development
Postable Graphic Design
Simpli Nota Brand Identity

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